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Local Voice Network is a portfolio of 17 different publications across the greater Bristol and South West area, each one serving their local community.

The Voice papers continue to maintain the key guiding principal of providing high quality local journalism to an ever-growing readership.

Due to their popularity and affordable rates, they are an ideal platform to advertise local businesses, services and organisations.

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Print Displays

Display adverts in our print publications are incredibly effective. Many of our advertisers have worked with us for several years because they know that our distribution model means they are getting THEIR message in front of THEIR customers.

Leaflet inserts

Our huge distribution network across the West country means we can support businesses which need a leaflet or small publication delivered to every household – for a highly competitive rates compared to other commercial delivery companies.


Local Voice Network is embarking on its most exciting digital development since our inception. Working with a European industry leader, we will be able to transform your print advert and marketing materials into stunning landing pages which will catch the eye of our readers. Get in touch to find out more!

Why local advertising works

As a trusted news brand, our readers know that we work with trusted local firms who value their reputation in the community.

This means that readers respond to our advertisers, meaning the local economy grows and local people get the top-class services they need and deserve. We have spent years building relationships with local firms and we know it is vital that they can thrive, so our affordable and effective advertising packages make complete sense for ambitious small, medium and large businesses in our local areas.

Print Advertising

Eighth Page1 Month£65.00
Eighth Page6 Months£45.00
Quarter Page1 Month£109.00
Quarter Page6 Months£89.00
Half Page1 Month£200.00
Half Page6 Months£160.00
Full Page1 Month£325.00
Full Page6 Months£275.00

*Prices are shown on a per month basis and are subject to VAT where applicable – please ask before confirming your advertising package.

Online Advertising

Homepage Feature

Have your advert exclusively shown on magazine website homepages for maximum impact.

  • 728 x 90 – £40 per week or £100 per month
  • 300 x 250 – £30 per week or £75 per month

Secondary Pages

Show your advert throughout magazine website secondary pages.

  • 728 x 90 – £30 per week or £75 per month
  • 300 x 250 – £20 per week or £50 per month

Dimensions are in pixels.